A list of all the recent Mods that have come out for Factorio. This is here to help people find any new mods that have come out without having to browse through all the forum sections each day or week, etc. This might become obsolete once Steam Workshop integration is put into the game for Mods, but until then this is where you can keep up with all the latest Mods.

This list will be updated probably twice a week or more. Each Mod listing will have a release date under it so you can easily see how new it is. Any Mods that are more than 1-2 weeks old will probably be removed just to make room for the most recent ones, otherwise there would be a massive list that is hard to sort through.

Multiplied Mineables - Released May 3rd

Very simple mod. It multiplies the amount of ore received from mining by x2, x5, or x10.

Left-Right Load Balancer - Released April 30th

Adds an item similar to a splitter that balances a belt's left and right lanes evenly. More info and pictures on the forum thread for the mod.

Camera Drones - Released May 7th

Adds drones you can build to spread around your base or put at an outpost and then view what is going on at their location via a camera/screen remotely.

Magical Boxes - Released May 8th

Seems vague... When a box is a destroyed it drops 20 random items. Not much more info at the moment.

Super Assembling Machine - Released May 7th

Again, a bit unclear of what it actually does... Seems to allow you to make any item in the game with just some basic materials like Iron, Copper, Plastic, Sulfur, Coal, etc.

Smelting (Reborn!) - Released May 2nd

Leaves the vanilla smelting intact but adds but adds a more complex process that you can use to finely tune and adjust the process more than vanilla.

Placement Chest - Released May 4th

Adds a special chest to the game that will automatically place items that are in it directly next to it. The interval and direction of the placing can be changed. Great for self-expanding blueprint ideas like Solar Fields and such.

Angels Refining - Released May 4th

Changes the ores so you have to refine them prior to smelting them. Supports vanilla, Bobs Ores, Yuoki Ores and more. Many more details in the forum post for the mod.

Clondike - Released May 1st

Changes the recipes for Science Packs to make them more complicated by requiring more complicated and advanced items (all vanilla stuff). Also the ability to craft basic ores very slowly.