Factorio Train Tutorial by Colonelwill and Xeteth

Started March 15th 2016

An excellent tutorial on trains by two highly experienced players. Everything from the most basic things to very advanced intersections and signaling is covered in detail and very clearly.

Xterminator and MadZuri's Beginner Guide Series

Started on Feb 26th 2016

A series specifically for new players to Factorio where two very experienced players go over everything from the basics to some of the most advanced mechanics in the game. They play from the very beginning of the game and continue through until the end-game explaining everything in between.

Negative Root's Beginner Guide Series

Started on Feb 25th 2016

Another great series aimed at beginners of Factorio. Negative Root, a very experienced player, goes over everything you would need to know about the game and how it works. Starting from the very beginning and progressing to the end of the game he goes over every aspect of the game.

Aavak and Shenryyr's Beginner Guide Series

Started on Jan 28th 2016

Two popular YouTubers do a Beginner Guide series similar to the above two, although perhaps not as technical.

FishSandwich's Factorio Tutorials

Started Aug 5th 2015

 FishSandwich, a long time Factorio player does some tutorial videos on different topics such as Steam Engine layouts, using the in-game console and more!

Scarhoof's Tutorial Series

Started Feb 8th 2016

Scarhoof does a complete playthrough of Factorio while going over many different things like hotkeys, ideal build ratios, general game mechanics and more.

Xterminator's Tutorial Series

Started on March 12th 2015

This is a pure tutorial series where each video covers a specific topic rather than an instructional full playthrough of the game. It goes over some of the main struggle points in the game that newer players might have.

Negative Root's Tutorial Series

Started on Aug 6th 2014

A highly regarded Factorio tutorial series where each episode covers a specific topic. Very in-depth and covers pretty much every main aspect of the game.

FKOD Gaming's Tutorial Series

Started on March 6th 2016

FKOD Gaming starts a new tutorial/guide series for the game after Steam Launch. Another good series geared towards newer players of Factorio.

20 Factorio Life Hacks by Gepwin

Started on Jul 15th 2015

Gepwin goes over 20 very useful tricks and bits of information for Factorio. He covers pretty much all the major tricks and shortcuts that can help you play better. Things like splitting stacks of items, or taking the contents of a chest without opening it, easy ways to remove trees, and even how to use different kinds of Underground Belts in the same area without them mixing. Plus much more!

Steejo's Tutorial/Guide Playthrough

Started Feb 12th 2016

Steejo, an experienced Factorio player does a playthrough of the game while trying to show the most efficient way of playing.